Outside the Office

Mark, Tyler, Cathy and Lisa - Good Times in 2022


Mark and Patty - PNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament, Indian Hills, CA

Tyler playing golf at Bandon Dunes Resort

Cathy and her husband,  Dave - Game 4 of Denver Nuggets Playoffs

Lisa and her husband, Cary - Diamante - Cabo San Lucas

Mark and Patty - Nevis, West Indies

Tyler and Ava enjoying beautiful Colorado!

Cathy, Dave and their two doodles, Gracie and Abbie at the Furry Scurry

Lisa and Cary - Quivera Golf Course

                                                                                                                                               Arlen Family in Aruba  -  Chandler, Patty, Logan, Mark, Zak and Heather 


         Bernard Family in Cabo  - Tyler, Ashley and Ava







                                                                                                     Nowalk Family - Ashley, Dave, Cathy and David Jr.





           Kostroski Family - Cary, Lisa, Mallory and Corin